Common Camp FAQs

Common Summer Camp frequently asked questions:

Q:  What kind of shoes should my kid have for class?      A:  Any closed toed water type shoe or old tennis shoes.

Q: Does my child need his/her own life jacket?     A:  Yes, we do not provide life jackets.

Q: Will my child need a water bottle?     A:  Yes, each child needs to bring a refillable water bottle each day.

Q: Will there be any swimming at camp?     A:  You bet, we will swimming in the lake and in the club pool.

Q: Does my child need a change of clothes each day?     A:  Yes, otherwise they will get your car very wet when you come to pick them up.

Q: Do I need to send a lunch each day?     A:  Yes.  And we have a refrigerator to keep things cold if needed.

Q: Are there any other things we should send?     A:  A snack would be nice, and a towel for after swimming.

Q:  What other activities will there be?  A: We will have a floating water trampoline out in the harbor, a ping pong table inside the DEC, badminton out in the yard and swimming at the RCYC pool.

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