Crawdad Cup Regatta (4/5)

RCYC and the Melges 24 fleet is happy to once again host the Crawdad Cup Regatta on Saturday, April 5th.  The regatta is open to all sailboats.  The plan is to hold three races and then enjoy a mudbug feast on the deck of the club.  Come on out.  Get your boat on the lake.  And suck dat head and pinch dat tail!

Skippers meeting at 11AM in the RCYC bar/deck.  First gun at 12:00PM.


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# Sail# Boat Boat Name Skipper
1 TBD TBD TBD Kenny Wolfe
2 673 J/24 Freight Dog Robert C. Williams
3 RC5 IC24 Reflection Tom Bieger
4 36 Cal27 MKIII Gott Sei Dank Susan Whipple
5 110 VX One Team Vela Rod Favela
6 TBD MC Scow TBD Alex Delgado
7 549 MC Scow No Name Brian Morgan
8 172 Sonar Mr Bill's Dog Larry Seals
9 59 S2 7.9 Spitfire Craig Deaton
10 USA62 Melges 24 Play Date Erik Twinning
11 USA65 Melges 24 Rocket Science David Hoye
12 2552 MC Scow Dylan Jack Kern
13 UK Neptune 24 Windfall Carl Thompson
14 3480 J/24 Fast Lane Robert Cummings
15 00 IC24 PWB Kathy Irwin
16 95 J24 Audacity George Conklin
17 TBD MC Scow TBD Conner Fullerton
18 TBD MC Scow TBD Jeffery Camiel
19 1871 MC Scow Dave Andy Harris
20 2600 MC Scow 2600 Scott Baker
21 1946 MC Scow Mast Properties Chris Bright
22 42 J/29 Acadia Anthony Broadfoot





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