2016 Crawdad Cup


It is that time of the year, Crawfish Season.  Come and join all the fun that surrounds the CRAWDAD CUP at Rush Creek.


We are planning on having an afternoon of races, followed by a GRAND CRAWFISH BOIL!


All boats and fleets are welcome and we would love to see everyone on the water, but if you rather just do the party, please email office@rcyc.org and let Lisa know you would like to RSVP.

Click here for the 2016 Crawdad Cup NOR.


Registration Includes one Crawdad Dinner, additional Dinners can be ordered through the registration form.



Skipper Boat Name Boat Type Sail Number
Jack Kern Aerial MC Scow 2338
Doug Kern None MC Scow 2438
Christopher Bright  Beast of Carbanaugh MC Scow 1946
Scott Baker N/A MC Scow 2600
Greg Gust Gusterly MC Scow 2122
Jeff Greenwood Mud Puppy MC Scow 2479
David Hamilton Grey Area MC Scow 1685
Rob Johnston N/A MC Scow N/A
Tom Jacobs N/A MC Scow 2514
Brion Flick N/A MC Scow 2072
Pete O'Connell Chillax MC Scow 2124
Scott Slocum Mc Loven MC Scow 2072
Robert Cole Widget MC Scow 1871
Tom Bieger Reflection IC 24 5
Joe Kracmer Prep J IC 24 TBD
Roy Heath Roy Heath IC 24 TX27
Kathy Irwin PWB IC 24 TX00
Mary Anne Hopper gnatlet Flying Scot 5658
Robert Cummings FiftyFourFiftyFour Flying Scot 5454
Larry Seals Bacon Flying Scot 5161
Brian Morgan N/A Flying Scot 5515
Tom Miller Fittythreefortysix cent Flying Scot 5346
Eric Hemker  Under New Management Flying Scot N/A
Gavin Roudolph TX2 E Scow TX-2
Kim Schloemer Restless E Scow TX-1
Brian Allen Hare E Scow 4
Jeff Grinnan The Ocho E Scow LE13
Kenny Wolfe TBD E Scow TX 11
Tom Meyer Flyer E Scow M-2
Ryan Glaze Gringo E Scow TX6
David Hoye Rocket Science Melges 24 65
George Conklin Audacity J24 95
Shawn Pautz Mojo Coarsair Sprint 750
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