2016 Spring Race Series


Let’s Race RCYC.

Our club was founded on the cornerstone of providing a venue for the finest sailboat racing in the Dallas area. We currently enjoy amazing One Design fleet racing with the MC Scows, the newly formed Flying Scot and E-Scow fleets, the IC24s, and the Melges 24s.

With that being said, it has been a challenge to race if one was not involved in the OD Fleets. We are going to overcome that challenge.

Starting Saturday, March 12, Rush Creek will start a 9 Week Race Series open to ALL BOATS that are interested in racing.  There will be club racing every Saturday from now until our annual Founder’s Regatta (Memorial Day Weekend), with the exception of Crawdad Cup and Spring DinghyFest weekends.

We, the RCYC Board, have come up with plan to make racing in this series easy.  Race committee is set, score keeping is set, and all that is asked of you is to be present, either as a crew or as a skipper.

Races are going to be held EVERY Saturday afternoon at 3pm, giving all of us a chance to do our Saturday chores, and still have the opportunity to enjoy our love of sailing and competing. The objective is to re-create a racing tradition at RCYC to include EVERYONE, from beginners to seasoned racers, from OD Sport boats to the occasional Racer/Cruiser.

There will be two starts, and two different scoring systems (PHRF and Portsmouth). We will have a series winner in each group.  One Design Fleets can and will be scored as a subset.

The most important point to remember is that everyone is welcomed to sail and compete no matter what kind of boat or skill level.

Here is the schedule:

If you are looking for a ride or looking for crew, get to the club no later than 1:30. There will be a signup sheet at the bar.  We hope that those that want to crew can find steady rides, and vice versa.  BUT we also want to encourage everyone to experience new boats; so if your skipper is not racing, come out and hop on something new.  You WILL make new friends, and chances are you will either teach someone or learn something. No person will be left at the dock.

The First Race will start at 3pm and the Go / No Go charts will determine racing if the weather is borderline. We will attempt to complete at least two races before heading back to the club. The goal is to have everyone (that wants to be) off the water by 6pm.

Although the racing will be over, the RCYC Deck is the perfect place to tell tall stories about the day’s racing while enjoying a beautiful sunset.

This one time, all that is asked from you is to show up for as many of the nine weeks as you can to SAIL.  If you can only join us for one week, that is OK, come sail.  We are betting that you will have so much fun, it will not be your last.

That is it, simple.  Come race at RCYC. Every Saturday at 3pm.

Wednesday night racing will commence on March 16th with a 6:30 start time, and we will move it to a 7pm start as the days become longer.  We will be running the same program as in the past.

I know there are questions and concerns, please feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to discuss them.  I also encourage you to share any ideas for future racing series.


Dari Esfahani
VC of Race 2016

Race@RCYC.org or 214-699-8090

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