2017 Crawdad Cup (4/8)

crawdadsLaissez les bons temps rouler!  It’s mudbug season and time for the Crawdad Cup.  The race is open to all sailboats. Weather permitting, the course will be a long distance sprint around the lake.  Then we will all enjoy a crawdad feast on the deck of the club.  Come on out.  Bring your friends. Get your boat on the lake and suck dat head and pinch dat tail!

REGISTER EARLY! We need to know how many bags of bugs to buy. $20 Registration fee includes one Crawdad Dinner, additional Dinners can be ordered for $10 each at registration.

All boats and fleets are welcome and we would love to see everyone on the water, but if you rather just do the party, please email office@rcyc.org and let Lisa know you would like to RSVP. Dinners are $10 each.

Skippers meeting at 12PM on the RCYC bar/deck.  First gun at 1:00PM.









*Note: Everything you see below is entered in manually by one volunteer guy who has a life (as pathetic as it may be) outside this website. So, please have some patience before your registration gets posted. Cheers!

# Sail # Boat Name Boat Type Skipper
1 5658 Gnatsquatch Flying Scot Mary Anne & &John Hopper
2 715 Reflections IC24 Tom Bieger
3 00 PWB IC24 Kathy Irwin
4 5253 Greybeard IC24 David Irwin
5 RC6 Deep 6 IC24 Ryan "Love o'Sailing" Doherty
6 1946 Mast Properties MC Scow Chris Bright
7 USA43 Hotter Tuna 11 Meter OD Robert C. Williams
8 RC3 Fun IC24 Jimmy Peters
9 TX4 Drink Then Sink E Scow Brian Allen
10 5454 5454 Flying Scot Robert Cummings
11 5794 Allie Girl Flying Scot Mike Brown
12 105 Mojo Corsair Sprint 750 Tom Pautz
13 36 Gott sei Dank Cal27 Tom Whipple
14 5804 Freckles McStumpy Flying Scot Jeff Progelhof
15 4599 Jyveena Flying Scot Bill Draheim
16 263/143 Bruce Lee Pearson 30 Bill Mansfield
17 5398 'Nother Boat Flying Scot Eric Hemker
18 5346 Crapshoot Flying Scot Tom Miller
19 201312 TBD Laser Radial Andrew Vandling
20 21040 TBD Optimist Cayden Vandling
21 6019 Respite Catalina 30TR Peter Powers
22 TX2 TX2 E Scow Gavin Rudolph
23 170 Push It VX One


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