Harbor Action Team Report

8/16/17 – HAT Progress and Update
The project is going well with some minor changes and leaning. We are on schedule for dock construction, 44 working day from start to finish, start date was July 24, we are 19 working days into the project. Lots more work even though the docks look complete, they are not near completion.


The electrical part of the project will take the remaining 25 days of the project. Progress open the electrical will not be as visible as the dock construction.  Although A dock is in and B looks complete we are not complete and the docks are not ready for use or sight seeing. If you would like to look at the new dock please walk down the break wall. Please do not walk on the new docks beyond any RED taped areas. Use only the docks that are not taped or are taped in yellow. Remember Yellow means use caution, the area is usable but it is not in a completed state. Red is stay out!


We really need the help of all the members to stay off the new docks to prevent us from having to enact rules or close off major areas of the club to insure a safe work site and a safe club while construction in underway.

We are just starting electrical construction and need everyone to stay off the docks until electrical is complete and we have our COO from City of Heath. Until the COO is awarded only construction personnel, HAT and City of Heath inspectors are allowed on the new dock past the Red demarcation lines.

Please see large caution sign at front of the property for definitions of:

Many Hazards still exist such as

Trip/Fall Hazard

Missing decking, loose decking
Temporary dock to dock connections and gaps
Dock that are not pinned to bottom of lake


Exposed de energized wires
Construction materials
Open electrical boxes
Lock out tag out areas
Mechanical and electrical work in progress

Dock Construction

Movement of large dock parts
Barge work
Demolition work
Gaps in docks
Pin placement
Land side material movement
Clean up

We anticipate completion of B and C docks and ready for HydroHoist Installation about August 23rd. We will make a formal announcement of ability to install HydroHoists and moving of member owned boats to B and C. A dock is complete but we will not be able to occupy until COO for entire new dock area is complete and COO issued by City of Heath.

We do not have a forecasted date for reconfiguration of D dock and demolition of old B and C remaining parts. Information on D will be announced as soon as it is finalized.

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7/19/17 –



MEECO will be on site Monday July 24 for 4 to 6 weeks of work depending on weather and speed of RCYC members providing a “clean harbor.” Plan is to move the boats off docks, relocate C to D as a repurposed dock, move B as a temporary dock, then salvage parts from B for D and dumpster the remains of B.
Power will be discontinued on B and C docks on Friday July 21.
Ramps to B and C dock will be removed on Saturday and Sunday July 22 and 23.
Construction of the new main walkway, relocation of A, building of new B and new C starts on July 24.Action Required by RCYC Members
If you can move the boat to dry storage or get a bottom job in late July – early August please move the boat out of the water before July 21.
If you have the ability to get your boat on a trailer please do so before July 21, the field is open, club has no trailers.
If you have a hydrohoist and the boat can move to a trailer great. If not we may move the dock with boat on hoist or if not sturdy enough we will move boat to end ties.
We have to clear the existing docks to pull the pins and then to move the dock without having to move 25 keels with the dock!Old B Dock
Boats on B move to end to end ties between maintenance dock and T dock July 22 start to July 23 finish.
B dock will be empty for Meeco to pull pins on Monday July 24.
Members move B to area below lower east parking lot.
Boats move back to temp B location ASAP.
Ramp to temporary B location will be done as soon as possible but B could have a gap between dock and break wall for a few days.
Power will be by generator but plan is for B boats to be in temporary B for about two weeks then move boats back to new B.Old C Dock
Boats on C move to end ties between maintenance as soon as B boats are back on temporary  B.
C dock will then be empty, Meeco will pull the pins week of July 24 and move C to it’s repurposed position in the old G dock/east end of ramp metal break wall.
C now becomes D and all boats are moved from end ties to D.
Some of the D boats will move from temporary storage on D to slip location on new C as soon as new C is completed.
During work periods from Monday 7:30 am to Saturday 6pm the floating ramp to D will be moved out of place to allow MEECO adequate staging and assembly area near the ramp.

Existing A Dock
Boats on A dock are moved to end ties between maintenance dock and T dock.
A boats remain in end tie until A dock is re positioned and attached to main north south walkway.
A boats then move from end tie back to their original positions on A.

Other Items
In the Dry Storage area we will move the eastern most MCs, probably 4 boats and move about the next four trailered boats to the east to allow a three point turn area for the MEECO 18 wheel trucks. Eight to max ten dry storage boats will be moved to the field.

The timing of permitting, insurance and construction of the new docks has fortunately driven the construction to the hottest, lowest boat use time of the year and a time of no regattas. Expect very limited Yellow crane use July 22 to July 30 and limited access to wet storage boats during this eight day period. We do expect to keep the Blue crane open during this time.

The plan is to allow as much boat use and access as possible. However to expedite the project from 8 weeks to 4 to 6 week project plan a clean harbor has been requested by MEECO. We plan to meet their request.



To maintain our warranty on the new dock no modifications are allowed by non professionals. RCYC members and their families are considered non professionals. This is specific to drilling bolting, electrical, HydroHoist installation and dock boxes. Basically if you carry a drill, saw or tool box on the dock use it on your boat and don’t touch the dock.

We are working with HydroHoist on pricing for new HydroHoists and installation of new style level lift Hydrohoists. We will also obtain a price for relocation of new level lift style HydroHoists to B and C and existing new style HydroHoists from old B and old C to new B and C. HAT and RC Wet Storage are compiling an actual count of:

1. Moves new level lift style off B and C to new B and C.
2. Moves of old H style to D or dumpster if the HydroHoist is non operational.
3. New level lift needs in quantity and type for B, C or D.

D can accept new or old installed by member occupying slip or professional installation.
B and C can accept only new style and only professional installation. A not affected boats too big for HydroHoists.

Have talked to HydroHoist and they are ready to work with us, provide a discount for volume, all they need quantities . The commercial transaction will be between the individual RCYC member and HydroHoist.

Dock Boxes
The concept and rule to keep our warranty is only professional installation on B and C, we are taking same SOP to A. The A dock has all matching dock boxes, these will remain at their locations on A.  The dock box for New B and C takes a MEECO $461 gusset and the probable approved dock box is about $400. Add labor at $400 a dock box is about $1400 including sales taxes. Only the new approved RCYC New B and C dock box with MEECO gusset and MEECO installation are allowed.

Dock Lines and Fenders
Many of the boats are currently tied with insufficient or aged dock lines. Before the move please try to upgrade your dock lines. It will make the boat moves easier and will protect your boat. After the move to the new docks if the HAT or RC Wet storage determines your dock lines are not adequate we may replace them and bill you. We don’t have the man power to replace all the dock lines so please upgrade them yourselves.

If you have are involved with a HydroHoist move, or purchase or if you are interested in a RCYC dock box please send an email to Tom Jacobs. Now is the time to gather the counts of materials and labor required. It will be less expensive to do the HydroHoist work and dock box installation along with construction, rather than one at a time later post major mobilization for construction.

Slip Locations
We will have a order of precedence for slip location on the new A, B and C docks and the old D dock before July 21.
Most A boats will most likely stay in thier current slip locations. D is planned to be the RCYC boats, Betty A, Alex E, one or both Key West and the IC 24 boats. New B and C will favor sailboats and active racing sailboats. Slips with openings to the north will be favored for sailboats to allow the main to be hoisted in the predominant south wind. Slips with openings to the south will favor auxiliary powered sail boats and power boats if room is available after allowing all sail boats a slip.

More Information will be coming out soon.

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