Auxilary Racing Fleet

The Auxiliary fleet represents all keelboats which are not part of a Rush Creek one-design fleet. The Aux fleet is the most varied fleet at RCYC, consisting of a broad spectrum of sailboats, from J36 to Viper 640.

Racing within the Aux fleet, one can match up with a Cal 27, Olson 30, J29, FT-10, J36, C&C 37, IC 24, Capri 25, San Juan 24, J24, Aphrodite 101 and numerous other boats. The Aux fleet sponsors two major regattas each year: the Frostbite Regatta and the George Griffith Memorial Regatta. The Aux fleet also participates in the RCYC Founders Regatta and one of the premier regattas in the Metroplex, Dallas Race Week.

Learning to race? Even if you are not yet a hardcore racer, the Aux fleet offers its fair share of fun with excellent low-impact team-building benefits. Each Wednesday evening the “Beer Can” races are featured, April through September. With just a mainsail and jib (no spinnakers), the Aux’ fleets zips around the lake, while trying not to spill their drinks!

Hardcore sailing your thing? The Aux fleet offers you a top-level competitive challenge by racing against the best talent in the region. Whether you are interested in the fast sleds of the A Fleet (Olson 30, FT-10, Viper 640), or the close racing of the Level 25 group (J-24, Capri 25), and even taking on the Working Sail class, great competitive racing can always be found year-round at Rush Creek.


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