E-Scow Race Fleet


The E scow is one of the most beautiful, well balanced, and competitive high-performance racers in the lakes and bays of the United States.  With the original prototype built in 1921 and the first production boats available in 1924, the class has a long and storied history.   The class has implemented steady innovation and updates done incrementally over many years.  These updates have  kept the E scow current with new technology and advancements while maintaining the integrity of a strong one design class. Many of the world’s best known sailors from the ranks of dinghies to ocean racers name the E scow as one of their all-time favorites. Designed to race with 3-4 people, it has an asymmetrical spinnaker and all the modern gear to keep the crew working as a team in order to provide the exhilarating ride for which it is known. The class enjoys a strong national organization that, in cooperation with the ILYA, governs its scantlings and other rules.   

Good, competitive used boats are readily available for considerably less than one might think for such a thoroughbred of a boat.  For more info, see www.e-scow.organd www.ilya.org or contact RCYC fleet member Erich Schloemer eschloemer@gmail.com

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