Permanent Marks















All Permanent Marks on the south side of Lake Ray Hubbard are tall white cylinders with markings that say “Race Course” and have a number. Here are the coordinates:

#1 – Club Mark (RCYC)
Latitude: 32°49’23.00″N
Longitude:  96°30’05.00″W

#2 – Heath Mark
Latitude:  32°48’29.00″N
Longitude:  96°29’49.00″W

#3 – Sunnyvale Mark
Latitude:  32°48’35.00″N
Longitude:  96°31’22.00″W

#4 – PowerPlant Mark
Latitude:  32°49’42.00″N
Longitude:  96°31’54.00″W

#5 – Terry Mark
Latitude:  32°50’03.00″N
Longitude:  96°30’47.00″W


Distance and Bearing Chart:


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