Tadpoles and PIB’s

The RCYC Junior Program geared to our youngest sailors, up to 7 years old, is known as our Tadpoles.  The Tadpole program is a great way to get introduced to the sailing club experience while making a new set of friends.

Games, arts and crafts, songs, snacks, instruction, riding in boats and sailing with parents are typical activities. The primary goal of the RCYC Tadpole program is to build the interest of the youngest kids through fun activities in and around sailing. The Tadpole program is intended to foster familiarization with sailing on the water and RCYC. We hope that the activities help build friendships with other kids and encourage future sailing activities.

This year we are introducing the next phase of our Junior Fun Program – we’re calling it our PIBs.  PIBs stands for “Playing in Boats” and is geared to those kids ages 7+.  The objective of the PIBs is similar to the Tadpoles – we want to build their interest in sailing through fun age-relevant activities which will include boat trips (big and small), land and water-based games and challenges, and sailing related instruction.

For 2011, the Tadpoles and PIBS will meet the 4th Saturday of every Month, March through October, from 10:00 am to Noon.  Nice weather – we will meet at the junior area. Bad weather – meet in the clubhouse.  Please bring a life jacket and appropriate shoes for being on and around the boats.

Parents are expected to play an active role in the Tadpole and PIB activities.  Additional volunteers to sponsor games and activities are always appreciated.

For more information contact Erin Progelhof (Email) 972-772-0708

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