Club Boat & IC24 Class Rules


Club Owned Boats:

IC24 Class Rules:
A. Sails – IC24 (or J24) working jibs shall be used. Plastics over sized jibs are prohibited.

B. Crew Weight – Total crew weight limits between 700 (minimum) to 850 lbs (maximum)

C. Crew position – No member of the crew shall station any part of his/ her torso and/ or legs outside the lifeline other than temporarily.

D. Shroud Tension – shall be 20 (26 using old gauge) on uppers fixed for the entire regatta. Lowers may be adjusted prior to the warning signal of a race.

E. No Spinnaker Rules – when the true wind speed is above 15 knots (17 mph) and/ or Spinnakers and/ or individual gusts in excess of 18 knots (20 mph). When measured at the race committee signal boat. The RC shall discontinue the use of spinnakers by all competitors by displaying Code Flag “O” accompanied with on sound signal from the race committee signal boat before or with the warning signal of a race; or after the start signal, the race committee may signal all boats at the weather mark via a race committee boat which shall display Code Flag “O” accompanied by repetitive sound signals. Such signal shall occur prior to any boat rounding the weather mark. When occur use of spinnaker shall be discontinued until the finish of such race.

F. Penalty Turns – Rule 44.1 and 44.2 shall be changed to a one penalty turn consisting of one tack and one gybe in the same direction.

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