Melges 24 Racing Fleet

The reputation of the Melges 24 precedes itself. Best known for its very competitive disposition and easy-to-sail personality, this modern sportboat maintains its status as a leader in high-performance, one design yachting. With more than 850 boats sold, it continues a humbling tradition of America’s Cup, Olympic Medallists, and Volvo Ocean Race recruitment. Looking to improve on tactics and boat handling skills? The Melges 24 builds better sailors.

Typically sailed with a crew of 4, the Melges 24′s comfortable, light-hull displacement design prefers to plane. Its professionally engineered, high-tech stance includes a carbon fiber spar, rudder, bowsprit and vertical keel fin. Another key component of the M24 is a 670 sq ft asymmetrical spinnaker that lifts and pulls the boat forward on a downwind sprint. It adds speed, simplicity and ease of handling giving way to a more challenging tactical race.

The Rush Creek fleet participates both locally and in the “Gulf Coast District” circuit.

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To date, over 850 boats are sailed competitively around the world. Half of the entire fleet exists in the United States while the remaining national classes are spread out over 18 European and Asian countries proving that it demands an international audience.

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